The Mystic’s Den E​.​P.

by Amnesia

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released December 6, 2019

Recorded Live, Mixed, and Mastered by Eric Leavell at Husk Recording


all rights reserved



Amnesia Portland, Oregon

Portland, Oregon stoner/doom metal.




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Track Name: Kingdom of the Psilocybes
In the ancient land
Adventurers walk along
Tenured battlemage
Three warriors so strong
Questing since their youth
Conquering every task
They have no idea that
This quest will be there last

Large amounts of gold
To find a missing man
Party knows that he
Was last seen in these lands
Days of travel
Yield no sign or clue
As they travel on
Sunsets to an orange hue

Greeted by three men
As night takes over day
They tell the party
“Let us show you the way”
Tired and hungry
They follow the tribe
Strange road to
The kingdom of the Psilocybes

City carved of fungus
Taller than the trees
The missing man appears
Offering a cup of tea
King Psilocin
Invites them to relax
Take off your armor
Come lay down your axe

King Psilocin beckons
Them to join the tribe
Let go forever
Become a psilocybe
Come live with me
On the astral plane
Come live in peace
Until the end of days
Party agrees
Follows the king inside
Never gonna leave
The Kingdom of the Psilocybes
Consuming the sacrament
With the tribe
Never gonna leave
The Kingdom of the Psilocybes
Track Name: Elder Beast
People of the island
Plagued by the Elder Beast
Unexplained creature
In the forest to the east
Myths and tales
Told since the dawn of time
Opening his mind
Was the Beast's only crime

Valiant Warriors
Head east with arms of steel
Find the Elder Beast
Enforce the King's ideals
Warriors find the beast
Who welcome them with open arms
You've come to kill me
When I have done nobody harm

Elder Beast shows them
The errors of their ways
Warriors skeptical
As their eyes begin to glaze
Elder Beast uses
His powers of the land
Puts the key to freedom
In the warriors open hands

Warriors no more
Men and Beast head toward the town
Stoned minds open
Beast brings the King's reign down
People of the island
Free from mislead fear
Bless the Elder Beast
For he is always near
Track Name: Truth of Mankind
Limitless power lay dormant
Confined within the mind
Most enlightened savant
Manipulates space and time
Erase the outlines of reality
Unlock the sight once blind
Repressed by lulled society
Release the truth of mankind

We are not but one
Each one of us is all
Flowing through unending stars
Force perceives no equal
Limitations never true
Control is just in reach
Knowledge possessed by only few
Experience and teach
Track Name: Mind Wizards
Under your tounge
Reality melts away
Your mind opens wide
Abandoning time of day
Consciousness journey
To far and foreign lands
Ancient wizard scholars
Greet you with bong in hand

Your mind is sprinting
But your body is no more
What is this fucking place
I’ve never been before
Wizards take your mind
Change it til the end of days
You return to earth
Grab your bong, begin to blaze

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